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Dragonsteel Entertainment LLC is a company owned and run by Brandon Sanderson.

It is used to self-publish some of his short stories, and to operate the merchandise store. Dragonsteel owns the copyright on many of Brandon Sanderson's books.

Dragonsteel employs a number of people who work on Brandon's behalf, including:

  • Emily Sanderson - Brandon's wife and business manager[1]
  • Peter Ahlstrom - Vice President and Editorial Manager[2]
  • Isaac Stewart - Art Director. in-house artist for Brandon's books[3]
  • Kara Stewart - CFO/Shipping Manager. manages the store and warehouse[4]
  • Adam Horne - Brandon's Executive Assistant. He basically does whatever Brandon needs him to. (And does it very well.)

Other People[edit]

Little Lopen (Oathbringer for scale)


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