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Profession Apprentice craftsman
Ethnicity Skaa
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Mistborn: The Final Empire

Tase was a skaa apprentice craftsman in the city of Luthadel on Scadrial during the Final Empire.[1]


Tase was an apprentice to Clubs in his workshop.[1] In addition to helping out with making furniture, Tase also worked with Clubs when he provided security to thieving crews.[2] It is possible that Tase was a Tineye or a Smoker in order to be a better lookout or to help hide Allomancers in Clubs' shop.

Tase was still with Clubs by the time that Kelsier, the Survivor, worked out of Clubs' shop while running the rebellion against the Lord Ruler.[1] After Kelsier found what he thought was Marsh's corpse, he believed that Marsh had been tortured into revealing his knowledge of the rebellion. Kelsier had Lord Renoux pull out of his mansion in Fellise and feign a retreat back to the Farmost Dominance.[3] Spook accompanied Renoux, and with Spook gone Tase became the crew's primary lookout.[1]

When Renoux and his household were captured, they were taken to the fountain square to be executed.[1] Tase was on lookout at the time and he noticed that people were gathering in the square and had heard word on the street that the obligators were planning more executions. He hurried inside and informed Kelsier, Vin, and the crew what he had seen and heard.


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