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Type Game
Origin Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Tarachin is a game played in Hallandren on Nalthis.[1]


Tarachin is centered around throwing balls onto a field that is marked as a game board with a complex pattern of ropes and stakes. The balls are made of carved wood with lead cores, and are painted different colors depending on their function in the game, including "doubling spheres" and "reversal spheres".[1] Tarachin is considered a very difficult game because it has complicated rules and requires physical strength, precision, and strategy. It is usually played by the wealthy.[1]

As a Returned Pastime[edit]

In the Court of Gods, the Tarachin balls and field are larger than normal because of the size and strength of the Returned. Because the field has to be so large, the Returned usually play from a balcony in order to see the whole board. Servants and scribes keep track of the score. Weatherlove, Lifeblesser and Truthcall are dedicated players that play every week. They use the time playing to gossip and politick.[1] Lightsong joins them on several occasions, and repeatedly beats the trio of fellow Returned despite not knowing the rules. He therefore believes that the game is flawed, but he enjoys annoying them with his victories. He does not participate in their scheming, but hearing it makes him realize that artifice may be necessary to get anything done in the court.[1]


  • The Tarachin scene was one of the last scenes written for Warbreaker and was intended to show Lightsong interacting with a few "ordinary" gods. Brandon intentionally designed the game to be extravagant yet requiring very little effort from the Returned.[2] He also compared it to a game called "Stones" that he had written for a deleted scene from Elantris featuring the Mad Prince.[2][3]


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