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Occupied by The Voidbringers
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Nice place. Smells like flowers. Least in my memory it does.

Talinar is a town somewhere in Alethkar on Roshar. Teft grew up there.[1]

Little is known about Talinar's location or geography. The town is small, too little to be called a city; it smelled of flowers back when Teft lived there.[1] There are cliffs in the area tall enough to kill someone who would fall off them.[2]


Around the year 1129, a group of Envisagers visited the town and shared their ideas of gaining the powers of a Knight Radiant through exposing oneself to mortal danger with the locals. Soon, an Envisager cult formed in Talinar, dedicated to resurrecting the Radiant Orders.[1] Members of the cult would attempt suicide through leaping off cliffs, letting boulders fall on them and more, all in attempts to summon Radiant abilites. Eventually, following the suicide of his mother, Teft informed Talinar's citylord about the activities of the Envisagers. As a result, all surviving members of the cult were hanged.[2]

Teft later left Talinar to join the army, never to return. As such, its current state is unknown.[2]


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