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Spouse Angola Dartmoor
Children Princess Kamali
Titles King of Mokia
Nationality Mokian
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Talakimallo is the king of Mokia. Shortly after the siege of Tuki Tuki began the Knights of Crystallia supposedly evacuated him, though he secretly stayed behind in the city.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Talakimallo is tall with long black hair that he wears in a ponytail tied with a beaded string. When defending the city, he has his face painted with black lines. He has a powerful, muscular chest. Like other Mokains, he wears a simple red and blue wrap. He carries a flaming spear in battle.[1]

Talakimallo is courageous and determined, and has a fierce love for his people. He is incredibly loyal to them, and puts himself before them.[2] He is compassionate, and considers surrendering Tuki Tuki to the Librarian army so that no more Mokians will die.[3] Talakimallo has a subtle sense of humor, and makes a pun about Tuki Tuki’s flowers when talking with Alcatraz.[1]


I feel I should give you some kind of grand introduction, Lord Smedry, but these are not days for joyful tours. So instead, just let me say this. Welcome to the City of Flowers.

—Talakimallo when Alcatraz arrived in Tuki Tuki.[1]

The Knights of Crystallia intended to evacuate him from Tuki Tuki for his safety when the Librarians laid siege, but Talakimallo’s daughter, Princess Kamali, used a pair of Disguiser's Lenses to make herself look like her father. She was taken away to safety, and Talakimallo stayed behind to defend the city.[2] When Alcatraz Smedry and his friends arrived to help, Talakimallo introduced himself as Mallo, a general of the city guard. Aydee and Bastille recognized him as the king, and Kaz found him to look familiar. Talakimallo welcomed Alcatraz and his friends, and accepted their help to defend the city. He gave them a brief explanation about the city and its flowers. Upon arriving at the royal palace, Alcatraz realized his true identity, and Talakimallo explained his deception to them.[1] Alcatraz asked for a piece of Communicator’s Glass, and contacted Draulin. He showed Draulin that King Talakimallo was there in Tuki Tuki, in an effort to get the Knights of Crystallia to come and save him and the city. Draulin tried to get Talakimallo to leave the city and save himself, but Talakimallo refused to leave his city and his people.[2] Their communication was cut off when the Librarians disrupted their communication as they prepared for a large attack.[3]

Style will not protect my people from Librarian weapons. Your help is appreciated, but your promises are flimsy.

—King Talakimallo to Alcatraz[3]

Alcatraz received a communication with his lenses told Talakimallo that his grandfather would come, but Talakimallo was dubious, thinking that perhaps he should surrender to the Librarians. While he was still deciding, a small Librarian strike team emerged from a tunnel and attacked the group. In the ensuing fight the Librarians were defeated, but both Talakimallo and the Queen were knocked into comas, which only the Librarians had the antidote. After being inspected by a Mokian doctor, Talakimallo and Angola were sent to their chambers and given a double guard, lest the Librarians try to kidnap them. There he stayed unconscious during the battle.[3]


His wife is Angola Dartmoor and his heir and daughter is Princess Kamali.[4]


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