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Died c. Nanaches 1174[1]
Residence Kholinar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Tai is one of Grund's friends in Kholinar on Roshar.[1]


Tai lived on the streets as a beggar during the Siege of Kholinar. They were one of the people that Shallan (as Veil) believed that she was helping by distributing food. However, Shallan was not aware that her actions had attracted the attention of a brutal gang known as the Grips. The Grips would force Tai, Grund, and their friends to wait for Shallan's deliveries, then beat them and take all of the food for themselves. The Grips killed multiple people when they were disappointed by Shallan's deliveries or when they suspected someone of hiding food. Shallan was oblivious to the situation until she saw the Grips kill Grund; as he was dying, he told her that Tai and his other friends were already dead and that they all hated her.[1]


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