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World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion: Skin Deep

Sylvia goes on a date with Stephen Leeds for a paparazzi journalist.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She wore a tight black dress and had multiple resplendent diamonds on the date. [1] Stephen found her quite attractive though Ivy didn't feel the same way. She acts nervous around Stephen and delays eating the meal though she starts eating later into the date.


Malcom sets Stephen and her up on a blind date where they went out for dinner. She begins to ask questions about Stephen and when Stephen talks to his aspects Sylvia reveals she had read up on Stephen. Stephen then directed the conversation towards her and she told of her family until his aspects interrupt again.

When J.C. shows up and talks of an assassin Stephen explains who J.C. is and Sylvia leaves the table supposedly to use the restroom after only thirty minutes. [1] She doesn't come back to the table. Later when Stephen goes out of the restaurant he sees her getting into a car with Glen, a reporter for the Mag. [2] She likely recorded the entire date. The aspects got mad at Stephen for not being more suspicious and developing a blind spot for women. [2]


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