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Church of the Survivor
Related to Kelsier
Type Religion
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

The Church of the Survivor (later Survivorism) is a religion on Scadrial founded during the fall of the Final Empire and the ascension of Harmony. Their symbol is a wooden spear painted silver.

The religion is based upon the exploits of Kelsier, the Survivor of Hathsin.[1] Some of the "miracles" alleged by faithful members of the religion were actually trickery using Allomancy[2] and later using a kandra. These "miracles" were part of Kelsier's master plan to upset the balance of power in the Final Empire. The religion was taken up mostly by skaa with prominent figures such as Demoux and also Elend, who joined the Church to further his position with the skaa. During the events in Urteau, the heavy influence of the Church led to the rise of the Survivor of Flames, Spook.

It eventually evolved into the modern Scadrian religion of Survivorism. Survivorism also calls Kelsier The Lord of the Mists, teaching that Kelsier will appear on misty nights and bless the independent. Followers of Survivorism are considered anyone who survives on their own, or thinks for themselves. Additionally, a Survivorist's scars are seen as a mark of devotion.[3] One of the few rules in the religion is to simply survive, which is seen as deeply ironic to some because the religion was founded around a death. The religion supports anyone who survives on his or her own, which comes from Kelsier's hatred of the nobility and politics in general.

Additional figures in the religion include Vin, who was originally known as The Heir of the Survivor and is now known as The Ascendant Warrior, and Sazed (Harmony), named "Holy First Witness" by early members of the church.[4] Another figure, The Lord Mistborn, is Lestibourns (Spook), who was made a Mistborn by Sazed (Harmony) after the world was reborn, and asked to look after humanity.

After Sazed ascended to become Harmony, he left a book detailing the events leading up to the rebirth of the world including the Hero of Ages prophecy. He also left books that contained all of the knowledge contained in his Copperminds. These become known as The Words of Founding. The Pathians and Survivorists both use these books. Despite this, the Survivorists dislike those who follow the Path,[5] but the feeling isn't reciprocated.


Survivorism is very conservative and forbids homosexuality, a holdover from when repopulating the Basin was the prime concern of most people.[6]

Survivor's Day is a Survivorist holiday, the exact practices of this holiday, or when it occurs, are unknown.[7]

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