Survivor's Treasure

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Survivor's Treasure
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The invented story of the Survivor himself bleeding from his spear wound and stopping here to drink made sense.

—Jak on the Survivor's treasure[1]

According to stories, The Survivor's Treasure is located where the Survivor stopped to drink after Rashek stabbed him with a spear. The legends say that the treasure is hidden opposite to the sky, raised only by life itself.[1] The treasure was recovered by Allomancer Jak, but his accounts of the recovery were likely exaggerated. The treasure was located 18.3 fathoms deep in the waters of the Pits of Eltania.[1] The treasure box is made of pure Aluminum.[1]

According to Allomancer Jak's accounts, the treasure was brought to the surface because it had a latch which released what appeared to be an inflated bladder where Jak blew air from his lungs to lift the treasure to the surface. This fact has been contested by his editor Handerwym.[1]

Inside the treasure were Hemalurgic spikes.[1]

Mikaff's dying wish was to find this treasure.


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