Sunmaker Mountains

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Sunmaker Mountains
Type Mountains
Region Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The Sunmaker Mountains are a mountain range in Alethkar.[1] The range cuts across central Alethkar, adjacent to the princedoms of Kholin, Ruthar, Aladar, Thanadal and Hatham.[1] They are named after the Sunmaker, an Alethi king that united the highprinces and helped to overthrow the Hierocracy.[2]

In the Cognitive Realm, the reflection of the Sunmaker Mountains is a body of water called the Salavashi Trench.[3]

It is possible that some of the peaks in the Sunmaker Mountains are above the top of the highstorms.[4]

Koron accents come from a place near the Sunmaker Mountains, in central Alethkar.[5]


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