Summary:Words of Radiance/Interlude I-4

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Last Legion
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Interlude I-3: Rysn
Precedes Chapter 13: The Day's Masterpiece
Viewpoint Eshonai

Interlude I-4: Last LegionEdit

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Plot summary

Eshonai, Thude and Bila examine the gemstone with the Stormspren inside that will allow for a new form. Bila thinks that anything that will help in the war against the Alethi is worth it, but Eshonai worries about the old gods. They depart, and Eshonai decides that she will see her mother. On her way, she sees a group of Parshendi that have chosen the dull-form, the form most like the Parshmen. Eshonai questions them on the cause of their transformation, and they respond that they do it so the Alethi will not kill them when they come.


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