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There came also sixteen of the order of Windrunners, and with them a considerable number of squires, and finding in that place the Skybreakers dividing the innocent from the guilty, there ensued a great debate.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 28, page 3

Plot Summary
Ishevach 1173

Shallan travels in her guise as Veil to a meeting with the Ghostbloods in the Unclaimed Hills, following a map sent via spanreed. Mraize quizzes Shallan on the uses of a Parshendi blowgun and her answers make Mraize realize she is a scholar. Mraize asks Shallan why Tyn failed at her mission and is surprised to learn that she succeeded instead as Shallan provides him with reproductions of the locked room and maps. Shallan accidentally reveals her sketching ability then is forced to demonstrate it. Mraize offers Shallan a job and realizes that she killed Tyn. Mraize cautions Shallan that the Ghostbloods are protective of each other and have a greater purpose, and that she would be assigned another mission, and Shallan leaves. When she is out of sight of the Ghostbloods, she hides inside an illusionary rock. She tells Pattern to imitate her to tell the carraige to return to the warcamps. As she hides, she hears Mraize give instructions to someone to bring Shallan's sketches to Thaidakar. Her illusion wears off after several hours and she walks back to the warcamps, on the way encountering her burned out carraige wrecked with all the parshmen and the driver killed, which upsets Shallan greatly. Shallan and Pattern discuss uses of her lightweaving ability.


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