Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 39

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Plot Summary
Four years ago

Shallan's father is having a feast, trying to pretend that their family hasn't grown impoverished. The guests are Brightlord Tavinar and his wife and daugher. They don't seem like they want to be there, and conversation is terse and stunted. Eventually, Shallan's father calls for a toast and announces that he has found a new wife, Malise Gevelmar, who will be coming to the estate soon. The response is subdued, which makes him angry, but he gives celebratory gifts to his children anyway. The boys receive fine daggers, and Shallan gets a silver necklace.

The door to the feast hall slams open, and a man walks in. The man is Redin, bastard son of Highprince Valam, and he has come to investigate rumors about Shallan's mother's death. Lin says that his wife was murdered by her lover, but Redin says that others tell a different story. They speak alone for a while, and Lin eventually slams his hand down on the table in anger. Calmy, Redin stands up and announces that any lighteyes of high birth can provide witness, and asks if any of the children will come with him to do so. Balat grabs the sides of his chair as if to stand, but seeing Lin's face stops and whispers that his father will kill him. Shamespren stir among the children, then Redin states that if any of them remember something they want to tell, they will find willing ears. After Redin leaves, Shallan's rather shrinks down in his seat with his head in is hands.

  • The chapter title, Heterochromatic, refers to Redin's eyes. One is intense blue, the other is dark brown. This is the first time we see such a character in the series.


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