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Chapter 18: BruisesEdit

Chapter 18: Bruises
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 17: Pattern
Precedes Chapter 19: Safe Things
Viewpoint Kaladin

Scholarform shown for patience and thought.
Beware its ambitions innate.
Though study and diligence bring the reward,
Loss of innocence may be one's fate

—From the listener Song of Listing, 69th stanza

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Plot summary
Tanatishes 1173

Kaladin and Lopen guard Adolin and Renarin as they take instruction from Zahel. Lopen leaves to carry out some orders and Kaladin patrols the grounds and stops to observe Zahel and Renarin. Zahel tells Renarin to jump off the roof of the arena to practice being comfortable with his shardplate. Kaladin criticizes Renarin's clumsiness but Zahel dismisses this and praises Renarin's attitude. Zahel offers to train Kaladin but Kaladin declines. Zahel tests Kaladin's abilities with a blunted shardblade to make sure he is ready to protect Adolin and Renarin. Zahel defeats Kaladin in a mock duel, though Kaladin did enough simulated damage to slow down the weapons master, and believes he would have given enough protection for Renarin to escape. Adolin makes an insulting comment which enrages Kaladin, and he attacks Adolin. Adolin smashes Kaladin with a plate enhanced punch, and Kaladin is stunned and severely injured as Zahel berates the prince for his carelessness. Kaladin surreptitiously heals himself with stormlight and tries to attack Adolin again but runs out of strength and collapses. Zahel compliments Kaladin on his tenacity and quick-thinking but says it won't be enough against shardbearers, and says he won't force Kaladin to train. Kaladin asks Syl why he lost strength suddenly and Syl observes that Kaladin was not protecting anyone when it happened.


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