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Type Clock
Creator Navani Kholin
Owners Navani, Dalinar, Adrotagia, possibly others
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

One showed the time with three hands—even seconds, as if that mattered. The other was a stormclock, which could be set to wind down to the next projected highstorm.

— Dalinar describing Navani's vambrace[1]

A stormclock is a device from Roshar which can be used to tell when a highstorm is due.[1] It's composed of a single arm on a round face, and some hidden mechanisms.[2]

Rather than a clock, it's more akin to a timer. The user must wind it up for the amount of time they predict is left until a highstorm.[1] The stormclock then counts down the time and makes a small dinging sound upon finishing.[3] As such, it can be used to count down until other things as well, such as the arrival of the Everstorm.[4]

While regular Rosharan timepieces are fabrials, it's uncertain whether stormclocks are as well or if they work purely mechanically.[5]

The stormclocks have existed on Roshar for some time, but Navani Kholin is the first to create a version small enough to wear on one's wrist.[1] She designs a leather vambrace that combines a stormclock with a regular fabrial clock and a painrial, and gifts it to several people, among them Dalinar and Adrotagia.[1][4]


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