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Storm Division
Leader Eshonai
Type Listener military unit
Era War of Reckoning
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

There had only been one storm since Eshonai's own transformation, and during it, Venli and her scholars had taken stormform along with two hundred soldiers chosen by Eshonai. Not officers. Common soldiers. The type she was sure would obey.


The Storm Division is a company of two hundred soldiers that were the first listeners chosen by Eshonai to wear stormform prior to the Battle of Narak.[1]


After Eshonai's initial transformation, she fervently supported the use of stormform to overwhelm the human forces and end the War of Reckoning. The Council of Five approved the transformation of two hundred additional soldiers—along with Venli and her scholars—that occurred during the next Everstorm.[1]

When choosing these soldiers, Eshonai intentionally excluded officers and anyone from her own division. She was aware that her subordinates such as Thude and Varanis knew her well and would question her motives. Instead, she chose soldiers from across many divisions that she was confident would be loyal to her. After the storm, she named the two hundred transformed soldiers at her disposal the Storm Division. The soldiers of the Storm Division were loyal to Eshonai, as she had expected. They operated in warpairs, much like listeners in warform.[1]

Eshonai then pressured the rest of the Council of Five to allow the transformation of the entire listener population, but fellow council members Chivi and Zuln would not agree to her plan. Eshonai instead staged a coup, using the Storm Division to ensure that she had the allegiance of the majority of the listeners.[1]

The Storm Division were presumably among the transformed listeners that participated in the Battle of Narak.[2]


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