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Died Killed by Obliteration[1]
Residence Babilar
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Firefight

Well, suppose we'd better raise a cup for old Steve, then. Creep though he was, if the Epics finally got 'im, he deserves a proper sendoff.

Steve is a resident of Babilar who is presumably killed in Obliteration's attacks the day the Reckoners arrive in the city. Calaka thinks that he is a creep and insinuates either that Steve often slaps people or that he often gets slapped.[1]


Steve attended parties and hung around Calaka, Marco, Lulu, and Infinity often enough to be an acquaintance of theirs. He was also known to Mizzy; at the party in Babilar, she asked if anyone knew where Steve was. Infinity told the group that she thought he was one of the eighty[2] killed by Obliteration a few days before. The group paid tribute to Steve when they heard about his death. David was shocked by how quickly the Babilarans seemed to move on from the news and astonished at the ensuing revelation of their attitude towards those who fight back against the Epics.[1]


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