Sterrion 36

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Sterrion 36
Type Weapon
Creator Ranette
Owner Waxillium Ladrian
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The Sterrion 36 is a handgun on Scadrial, crafted by Ranette for Waxillium Ladrian.[1]

The Sterrion is a double action, six chamber revolver with an unadorned steel-alloy frame. It is not fancy, with an un-exotic grip, but is reliable with tight tolerances and no play in the cylinder.[2] It is capable of shooting large-caliber bullets. The barrel is long and hard to conceal, meant to be carried in a side holster as opposed to under the arm.[3] As a lawman in the Roughs, Wax typically carried two and wielded them at the same time. After moving back to Elendel from the Roughs, Wax placed them in storage along with his shotgun and mistcoat. Wax was able to recover the pistols with some assistance from Harmony during his raid on the Vanishers hideout.[4]


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