Stephen Leeds' mansion

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Stephen Leeds' mansion
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion: Skin Deep

Stephen Leeds' mansion is a residence purposely built for Stephen and his Aspects.

Each of the Aspects has their own room. It has forty-seven rooms, and they are nearly all filled.[1]

White Room

The White Room is a large and empty room with all surfaces painted white. It was designed to have as few distractions as possible, allowing Stephen to use more of his brainpower to simulate Aspects. He uses the white room when he needs to solve a difficult problem, by using many or all of his Aspects to work on a problem.[2] Because this room is blank, it helps him maintain the hallucinations with less issues, though it is still hard for him. He only uses this room occasionally, for as short a time as possible. In Legion:Skin Deep, he calls his aspects into this room. J.C. shoots a hole in the ceiling, which causes Stephen distress because he must now allow for that in his hallucination, and he wants as little of that as possible so that he can more easily accommodate for the large number of aspects he must imagine at one time while using this room. One of his other aspects promises to patch the hole for him, however, easing his mind. Also in this room, Aubrey- an aspect who believes she is imaginary, which though true, is caused by a psychological disorder- starts to write in the air. To accommodate for this, Stephen must add a glass wall to his illusions in the room.


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