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Stephen Leeds' mansion
World Earth (Legion)
Featured In Legion (series)

Stephen Leeds' mansion is a residence purposely built for Stephen and his Aspects.

Each of the Aspects has their own room. It has forty-seven rooms, and they are nearly all filled.[1] It has many amenities including a shooting range.

White Room[edit]

The White Room is a large and empty room with all surfaces painted white. It was designed to have as few distractions as possible, allowing Stephen to use more of his brainpower to simulate Aspects. He uses the white room when he needs to solve a difficult problem, by using all or nearly all of his Aspects to work on a problem.[2] Because this room is blank, it helps him maintain the hallucinations with less issues, though it is still hard for him. He only uses this room occasionally.

While solving the case of Panos' missing body, Stephen called his aspects into this room. J.C. shot a hole in the ceiling, which caused Stephen distress because he must now imagine the bullet hole in the ceiling, which diverts brainpower he would rather use on imagining aspects. Tobias promised to patch the hole for him, however, easing Stephen's mind. Tobias did cover the hole causing the room to be refreshingly blank.[3] During the same white room session, Audrey wrote in the air rather than on the wall. To accommodate for this, Stephen imagined a glass wall behind Audrey's writing.


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