Starfalls Windrunner

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Born ca. 300 Eighth Epoch
Died Unknown
Abilities Windrunner, Shardbearer
Groups Knights Radiant (Order of Windrunners)
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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I cannot promise you a position in one of the orders--that decision is not mine--but if your skill with the sword is similar to your skill with hearth-tending implements, then I am confident you will find a place with us.

—A male Windrunner to Dalinar (as Heb)[1]

The Starfalls Windrunner was a Knight Radiant who appeared in Dalinar's twelfth vision.[1]

Appearance and Personality

He wears Plate that glows with blue light and has glyphs etched into the metal which trails blue vapor, presumably indicating that he is from the Order of Windrunners. He has dark brown skin and short black hair. His eyes are of a bright blue, almost white.

Attributes and Abilities

The Starfalls Windrunner could fly. When Dalinar first got sight of him, he only saw a bright blue light falling from the sky, unfolding itself and becoming the Starfalls Windrunner who immediately got attacked by the Midnight Essences. After the fight, Dalinar found him without his helmet, not knowing when he might have put it off or where it had gone. When Heb and his family were safe, he turned toward the nearest village, feeling his help was needed there too, and then launched into the air heading for this village.


He and his female companion rescued Dalinar's embodiment Heb and his family from the attacking Midnight Essences. After the fight, the Windrunner was impressed by Heb's (Dalinar's) fighting abilities, though he found them strange. He invited Dalinar to come to Urithiru to further his abilities and probably become a Knight Radiant.


I must say that I've never before had the pleasure of fighting alongside a comrade with such... unconventional means.

—Starfalls Windrunner, impressed with Dalinar's fighting.

spread the word. ... A Desolation is coming.

—Starfalls Windrunner

The female Knight repeated this announcement, too.

Harkaylain says the Desolation is close, and he is not often wrong.

—The female Knight


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