Stardragon Flight

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Stardragon Flight
Headquarters Alta Base (formerly), Platform Prime
Type DDF flight
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Stardragon Flight is a full DDF Flight. The flight is named after a potentially fictitious species that is known to the peoples of Detritus.[1]


The flight participated in the Battle of Alta Second and provided cover to try and drive the Krell away from the falling shipyard. The flightleader of Valkyrie Flight died during the battle and the remaining flight members were absorbed immediately into a different flight.[2]

Kimmalyn and Spensa hid from two of the flight members when attempting to sneak Spensa into the female Skyward Flight dorm room.[3] When Alanik and Skyward Flight fled Detritus against Jeshua Weight’s orders, trying to go to ReDawn, Stardragon Flight launched to chase after them. Robin, a member of the flight, waited on orders from Jeshua Weight before attacking, and Alanik hyperjumped Skyward Flight safely away.[4]

Members of Stardragon Flight were involved with the taynix program, and worked on new keywords with the slugs with FM’s help.[5] When Superiority forces attacked the planet Evershore, Stardragon Flight was one of the flights called into action to protect the planet, alongside Ivy Flight and Victory Flight. Stardragon Flight had one taynix, which they used to hyperjump themselves to Evershore. Stardragon Flight and Ivy Flight were assigned by Jorgen to protect the city of Dreamspring, intercepting enemy fighters before they got within firing range of the city. At least one member of the flight was shot down during the ensuing fight, when a Superiority cytonic used mindblades during combat.[6]


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