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Relatives Stanoux
Profession Engineer
Groups Set
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Lady Stansi is an engineer and a member of the Set on Scadrial.[1]


Lady Stansi made a study of engineering and at some point came into contact with the Set, and joined their ranks.[1] She and her nephew, Lord Stanoux, traveled to the city of Dulsing in the Elendel Basin to visit the Set compound that had been built around the wreck of Brunstell. Stansi came to lead the team of engineers along with Professor Javie. It was hoped that she and her team would be able to discern the means by which the ship flew and perhaps replicate it. She was given a tour of the ship along with Stanoux, Javie, and two other scientists, by Irich, expressing interest in the woodwork. Irich also asked her to investigate fixtures on the ship that seemed to provide non-electric power to the ship. She, along with the rest of the scientists, was concerned by Irich's talk of dominating the Basin, believing that the power to control the skies was too great for any one group. Irich assuaged her fears by assuring her that the technology was better off in their hands than those of Elendel and appealing to her sense of curiosity about what they could learn from the ship. She and her group began investigating their ship as Irich left them to deal with another matter.


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