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Profession Human Species Expert
Species Varvax
World Unknown
Universe Skyward Universe
Featured In Skyward (series)
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An outdated law, the need to preserve the cultures of dangerous species must be balanced against the need to protect the peaceful species of the Superiority

—Sssizme on humans[1]

Sssizme is a varvax expert on the human species. They are highly critical of the Superiority government policies related to containment of the human race.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sssizme has a light pink exoskeleton, uses blunt, forceful language, and does not consider violence against unintelligent beings to be barbaric, indicating they have more aggressive views than is typically seen in members of the Superiority.[1]

They are prejudiced against human kind, believing humans to be unintelligent and akin to insects, and advocate for the extermination of the species. Sssizme does not believe that the humans should have been preserved under Superiority law, finding the benefits of retaining human culture to be outweighed by the threat they pose to the people of the Superiority.[1]


At some point, Sssizme may have provided recommendations to High Minister Ved, regarding the treatment of the humans, and advocated for harsher conduct.[1]

In a televised interview, Sssizme went on a rant against the government, criticizing their policies against the humans and labeling them as weak. Sssizme argued that the remaining humans were a bomb waiting to explode and a danger to civilization, and claimed that the government had been covering up their own inadequacies relating to the humans containment. Sssizme called for the complete extermination of the Detritus "experiment" and blamed High Minister Ved, and their administration, for covering up the uncontrolled explosion of human aggression seen in the past decade.[1]


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