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Sprouter Tress by Marie Seeberger.jpg
Related to Aether spores, Aether
World of Origin Lumar
Universe Cosmere
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A Sprouter is a position on every ship crew on Lumar. Sprouters work with Aether spores, with their duties including patching holes in the hull with Roseite.[1][2]

On the Crow's Song, the Sprouter holds the rank of Officer.[2]


Sprouters make use of various tools in order to manipulate the growth of Aether spores.

One such tool is a shield-like object made of iron, which attracts spores.[3] Another is a steel trowel which repels spores. With these one can manipulate how they grow to ones advantage, typically for the purposes of filling holes in the hull of a ship.[3]

The splintbox is another form of tool used by sprouters. They are filled with roseite spores, which grow out the front when the box is filled with water. They are used to plug holes in the hulls of ships.[1] This is a modern tool, and some more traditional sprouters prefer the classical shield and trowel.[3]

Notable Sprouters[edit]


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