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Type Weapon
Function Hazekiller
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

A crack sounded behind her. Vin cried out, her tin-enhanced ears overreacting to the sudden sound. Pain shot through her head, and she raised hands to her ears.

Vin after someone uses soundsticks[1]

Soundsticks are wooden sticks that, when banged together, produce a loud noise. They are used to overload the senses of a Tineye or Mistborn burning tin.[1]

A Smoker uses soundsticks to overload Vin's tin-enhanced hearing during her fight with Ashweather Cett's assassins. After the Watcher kills the Smoker, Vin uses the soundsticks to fight off a group of Thugs.[1]


Years before The Well of Ascension was published, a member of Brandon's writing group suggested the idea of soundsticks to him. Brandon loved the idea, as it plays off the benefit Mistborn get from burning tin and fits well with the concept of actions and reaction in Allomancy.[2]


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