Sophi Tarcsel

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Sophi Tarcsel
Residence 15 Stranat Place, Elendel[1]
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Sophi Tarcsel is an inventor in Elendel.

She is a short young woman with long, blonde hair and a lean face. One of her inventions is a sound amplification system that is used for at least one of Governor Innate's speeches.[2] Her father, Remmingtel Tarcsel, was also an inventor and she claims that he invented the incandescent light bulb but that his work was stolen by Professor Hanlanaze.[3] She has been writing opinion pieces in the broadsheets trying to bring this to light.[2] When she meets Wayne masquerading as Professor Hanlanaze, she slaps him.[3]

Sophi understands that marketing is as important as inventing in order to be successful and is determined that she will succeed where her father failed.[3] To this end she has been placing ads in the broadsheets, looking for people willing to invest in electrics.[1] Wayne later recognizes her at a party and asks her if she needs money.[4]


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