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Sophi Tarcsel
Parents Remmingtel Tarcsel
Born c. 327 PC[1]
Profession Inventor, entrepreneur
Residence 15 Stranat Place, Elendel[2]
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Shadows of Self

Sophi Tarcsel is an inventor in Elendel on Scadrial.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is a short woman with long, straight blonde hair and a lean face, and is seen wearing a green dress.[3][1] Wayne thinks she looks like she is around fifteen years old.[1] She is intelligent, ambitious, and very determined.[1] She is fiercely defensive of her father's work and legacy.[1]


Sophi's father, Remmingtel Tarcsel, was an inventor. She claimed that he invented the incandescent light bulb and that his work was stolen by Professor Hanlanaze.[1] She wrote opinion pieces in the Elendel broadsheets trying to bring this to light.[3] When she met Wayne masquerading as Professor Hanlanaze, she slapped him and told him that he should always remember what he did to her father.[1] This took Wayne aback, as it reminded him of his history with Allriandre's father.[1]

One of Sophi's inventions was a sound amplification system that was used for at least one of Governor Replar Innate's speeches.[3] She understood that marketing was as important as inventing in order to be successful, and was determined to succeed where her father had failed.[1] To this end, she placed ads in the broadsheets looking for people willing to invest in electrics.[2] Sophi was later spotted by Wayne at a party after Elendel was saved from Bleeder. He asked her if she needed money, which she excitedly accepted while talking about the potential of electricity.[4]

Wax and his colleagues later visited New Seran on the edge of the Elendel Basin and were surprised to see that Sophi's amplification devices were already available there. They were used during a speech by Bastien Severington.[5] When Wayne later mistook the Bands of Mourning for a simple (but extremely valuable) aluminum spearhead, he grabbed it thinking that it could be sold to help fund Sophi's business.[6]

Within the next few years, Sophi formed a highly profitable company called Tarcsel Electric.[7] Wayne invested heavily in her business, and its success contributed a large portion of his wealth.[7]


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