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Sons of Honor
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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Lives will be lost. It has ever been our burden as the Sons of Honor. To return the Heralds, to return the dominance of the Church, we had to put the world into a crisis.

Amaram's letter to Restares[1]

The Sons of Honor are a secretive group on Roshar. Their goal is to return the dominance of the Vorin church. They seem to be under the leadership of Restares, and are referred to as his cronies by the Ghostbloods.[2]


The beliefs between the highest leadership of the Sons of Honor and its members are generally at odds with each other.

Like the Envisagers,[3] the Sons of Honor believe that by returning the Voidbringers they will cause the Heralds to return as well. They believe this will usher in a new era of Vorin dominance.[1] This is the reason for many of their members joining but some leaders such as Gavilar and Restares do not think this is the case and have different motives for their actions.[4][5]

The Sons of Honor appear ruthless and have little regard for the loss of innocent life in the pursuit of their goals.[6][1] Despite their organization being based around Vorinism, their leaders do not appear to strictly follow the gender norms dictated by the church. Amaram uses the stormwarden script to get around the prohibitions on writing.[7] Restares likely knows it as well, given Amaram's letter was written in the script.[1] The group also identifies itself as highly patriotic and loyal to Alethkar.[8][9] Despite this, they consider the monarchy of Alethkar to be heretics and seek to overthrow them and replace them with Ialai.[4][9] Ialai, however, has no interest in becoming queen and instead seeks to instate Gavinor as king.[5]

Of the organizations that are aware of the Voidbringers and the Desolations, the Sons of Honor are the most incorrect in their beliefs and actions regarding that knowledge.[10]


The original founders of the Sons of Honor created the organisation based on religious grounds, aiming to restart the Desolations and thus, they hoped, mankind's former glory.[11][12] The Envisagers formed as a splinter group of the Sons of Honor.[13] Eventually someone managed to recruit Gavilar Kholin and he quickly rose up the ranks of the organisation while greatly increasing their power and getting many new recruits. Notably, he is the individual who allowed Amaram to join their ranks.[14] Over time the new leaders of the organisation, Gavilar and Restares, developed their own goals and plans for the groups unrelated to their stated aim.[5][4] Restares learned of Gavilar's plans and responded favourably, ultimately leading to their collaboration.[15] To facilitate this, the pair held many secret meetings together.[16][12] Despite this apparent closeness, however, Gavilar still suspected Restares of being behind his assassination.[17]

Following the death of Gavilar, the organisation went through changes. Taravangian decided to leave the organisation and founded the Diagram.[18] Restares and Amaram also made more frequent contact with each other, with Amaram seemingly taking over the role of Gavilar.[4] However, unlike Gavilar, Amaram lacked his own agenda and simply followed Restares orders, often even deferring to him for advice.[7][6] One piece of this advice was to recommend that Amaram take the Shards Kaladin won and kill any witnesses, Amaram instead decided to spare and enslave Kaladin as a sign of his thanks.[6]

Amaram continued to maintain the power of the Sons of Honor and was later requested to arrive at the Shattered Plains so that he could help with the war effort there. While there, he continued trying to restart the Desolations and continued his research into the connection between the Parshendi and Voidbringers as well as trying to find the lost city of Urithiru.[7] Following the Battle of Narak and the start of the Everstorm, Amaram sent word to Restares that the Sons of Honor were successful in restarting the Desolations, though in truth they had no part in starting the True Desolation. It is unknown if Amaram actually believed he had helped restart the Desolations. Before leaving to settle in Urithiru, Amaram recognized that the madman in Dalinar's warcamp was in fact Taln, and he went to recover him from his cell. At this time he survived an assassination attempt by the Ghostbloods.[1]

Two members of the organisation, highprinces Thanadal and Vamah decided to stay at the warcamps.[19] Thanadal and Vamah seized the opportunity to create their own virtual kingdom in the area and they pushed to control trade in the region.[20][21] Following the death of Highprince Sadeas during the settling of Urithiru, Ialai took over her husbands duties. She ultimately decided to name fellow member Amaram as the new acting highprince of House Sadeas.[22] At this time, the Ghostbloods began actively spying on her and her activities due to her status as an unknown element.[23] Due to the tensions between house Kholin and house Sadeas, Dalinar Kholin ordered that Amaram and Sadeas be moved to clear up and secure Thaylen City.[24] Odium sensed the growing frustrations of Amaram and his troops and began to manipulate him to his own ends; he used the truth about the Heralds to finally convert Amaram to his forces.[8] Amaram was ultimately killed during the ensuing battle.[8]

Following this, House Sadeas was humiliated and Ialai became leader of the Sons of Honor. She immediately moved back to the Shattered Plains.[25] She did what little she could to regain the previous power of the Sons of Honor, but between the death of Gavilar and the actions taken under Amaram's leadership, there was nothing that she could do.[4] Ialai spent most of her time trying to get in contact with Restares and also began to investigate references she had heard before to the wider Cosmere.[5][26] Seeing their weakened state, the Ghostbloods began a final push to eliminate the Sons of Honor and started the process by assassinating Thanadal.[5] Seeing this, Vamah attempted to flee the Plains [27] but was also killed.[5] Ialai decided the best option for her was to try and hide within her lands. This in the end failed, and she was assassinated by a Ghostblood agent.[5] With her death, Mraize believed that the Sons of Honor were destroyed. Following its destruction, Shallan was given a mission to locate their ultimate and last surviving leader, Restares.[28]


The Sons of Honor have an antagonistic relationship with both the Ghostbloods and the Skybreakers. Mraize sends Shallan to spy on Amaram in order to discover what secrets the Sons of Honor know.[29] After receiving Shallan's intelligence, they unsuccessfully try to assassinate him.[1] After the Battle of Thaylen Field, the Ghostbloods spent the next year successfully assassinating the leadership of the Sons of Honor.[5] The Ghostbloods also greatly hate and despise Restares for assisting Gavilar.[15] Despite this however, Mraize acts dismissive towards the Sons of Honor, referring to them simply as Restares's cronies.[2] The Skybreakers also tried to have Amaram killed as a strike against the Sons of Honor when they send Helaran Davar to his army with Shardblade and Shardplate to kill him.[14] This plan, however, resulted in the Sons of Honor gaining control of another set of shards.[17] The leader of the Skybreakers, Nale also assisted the Parshendi in assassinating Gavilar Kholin.[30]

The Diagram likely knows about the Sons of Honor, as Taravangian was a member of Gavilar's trusted inner circle.[31] It is not clear if the Sons of Honor are aware of the formation and actions of the Diagram. The two organizations have similar origins in their awareness of the True Desolation but different philosophies on what should be done about it.[18][10]

Notable Members[edit]


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