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Song of Spren

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Song of Spren
Related to Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Song of Spren is one of songs detailing the oral history of the listeners. It discusses spren, Surges, and the relationship between those and the listeners.


The spren betrayed us, it's often felt.
Our minds are too close to their realm
That gives us our forms, but more is then
Demanded by the smartest spren,
We can't provide what the humans lend,
Though broth are we, their meat is men.
—9th stanza[1]
But it is not impossible to blend
Their Surges to ours in the end.
It has been promised and it can come.
Or do we understand the sum?
We questioned not if they can have us then,
But if we dare to have them again.
—10th stanza[2]


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