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Song of Listing

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Song of Listing
Related to Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Song of Listing is one of songs detailing the oral history of the listeners. It recounts many of the various forms that listeners may take. The only forms that they may currently take are Dullform, Mateform, Workform, Nimbleform, Warform, and Stormform. This song ensures that they remember the other forms. Listeners are currently looking into creating artform, and what they know of that form comes from the Song of Listing.


Mateform meek, for love to share,
Given to life, it brings us joy.
To find this form, one must care.
True empathy, one must employ.
—5th stanza[1]
Warform is worn for battle and reign,
Claimed by the gods, given to kill.
Unknown, unseen, but vital to gain.
It comes to those with the will.
—15th stanza[2]
Workform worn for strength and care.
Whispering spren breathe at your ear.
Seek first this form, its mysteries to bear.
Found here is freedom from fear.
—19th stanza[3]
Nimbleform has a delicate touch.
Gave the gods this form to many,
Tho' once defied, by the gods they were crushed.
This form craves precision and plenty.
—27th stanza[4]
Mediationform made for peace, it's said.
Form of teaching and consolation.
When used by the gods, it became instead
Form of lies and desolation.
—33rd stanza[5]
Scholarform shown for patience and thought.
Beware its ambitions innate.
Though study and diligence bring the reward,
Loss of innocence may be one's fate.
—69th stanza[6]
Artform applied for beauty and hue.
One yearns for the songs it creates.
Most misunderstood by the artist it's true,
Come the spren to foundation's fates.
—90th stanza[7]
Dullform dread, with the mind most lost.
The lowest, and one not bright.
To find this form, one needs banish cost.
It finds you and brings you to blight.
—final stanza[8]


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