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Sapient Yes
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

The solquis are a longtime member of the Superiority. Stalwart and loyal to our ideals though they are, their species has been turned down for primary citizenship over two dozen times.

The solquis are one of the member species of the Superiority.[1]

There are roughly humanoid, but blue-skinned and with numerous tentacles on their heads that they bend and move around to form expressions. They seem to have one pair of legs, but in lieu of arms, they have long, wiggly limbs that split into two tentacles at the ends.[2] They are naturally docile and easygoing, and seem to prefer moving around in pairs. When translated by pins, they have deep voices.[1]

Solquis have been one of the older members of the Superiority, and are considered highly loyal to its cause. However, their perceived lack of intelligence has kept them from receiving primary citizenship.[1] They seem to be fairly common on Starsight; Spensa is welcomed on the station by a solquis dock worker, and a few pairs of them attempt Superiority's pilot test alongside her. Winzik believes that, calm and docile as they are, they'd make excellent soldiers, but is yet to be proven right or wrong.[2][1]


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