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Participants Dalinar, Nalanar, Geved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Slickrock is the name of a battle on Roshar between the forces of Nalanar of Jah Keved and Dalinar Kholin of Alethkar.[1]


The battle occurred prior to the War of Reckoning, likely during the period that Gavilar deployed Dalinar to Herdaz and Jah Keved as a show of Alethi strength.[2] An older veteran named Geved fought in Nalanar's second infantry during the battle and survived. He reminisces with Dalinar when they meet in the aftermath of the Battle of Vedenar. Dalinar concedes that Nalanar nearly beat him at three different points during the battle.[1] Geved then contrasts his experiences during the battle of Slickrock with the horrific events of the Veden civil war and the effects of the Thrill.[1] The Thrill begins to take hold of Dalinar and he realizes that it has moved from the Shattered Plains to Vedenar.[1]

Other uses[edit]

Slickrock is also a generic term for a type of smooth rock on Roshar. In Kaladin's final battle with Amaram's army, the battlefield is described as a large, flat expanse of slickrock.[3]


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