Sleep My Baby Dear

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Sleep My Baby Dear
Type Lullaby
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

"Sleep My Baby Dear" is a lullaby on Roshar.

Lin Davar sang the lullaby to Shallan when she was a child, especially when she was frightened or woke up screaming in the night.[1][2] He held her and sang the lullaby on the night she was forced to kill her mother.[1] Shallan then sang it to her father while she strangled him several years later.[2] The lullaby is prominent in Shallan's traumatic memories of these events.[1][3]


Now go to sleep in chasms deep, with darkness all around you

Though rock and dread may be your bed, so sleep my baby dear
Now comes the storm, but you’ll be warm, the wind will rock your basket
The crystals fine will glow sublime, so sleep my baby dear
And with a song, it won’t be long, you’ll sleep my baby dear

—As sung by Lin Davar[1]

Fan Renditions[edit]


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