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Skyward is a series of novels written by Brandon Sanderson. It's set in the Cytoverse, taking place centuries after Defending Elysium.[1] The first book, Skyward, was released on November 6, 2018 and the second book, Starsight, was released on November 26, 2019.


Year Book Order Length Notes Refs
2018 Skyward #1 Novel
2019 Starsight #2 Novel [2]
~2021 Cytonic #3 Novel [2]
~2023 Skyward 4 (tentative title: Defiant)[3] #4 Novel [4]


In addition to the main series novels, three novellas will be published, each co-written by Janci Patterson and each following a different point-of-view character. They are set in the same timeframe as Cytonic.[5] At the present, only ebook and audiobook versions are planned for them, with print being just a possibility.[6]

Year Book Order Length Point of View Refs
Unknown Sunreach #1 Novella FM
Unknown ReDawn #2 Novella Unknown
Unknown Evershore #3 Novella Unknown [5]


Skyward was originally planned as a YA novel set in the cosmere.[7] Brandon began working on it in October 2017 after some difficulty with Apocalypse Guard caused that book to be delayed, and updated his website to read "Mystery Project".[8][9] When he revealed the title of this new project he also announced that it was no longer planned as part of the cosmere because the story needed to reference Earth to work properly.[10][11] The trilogy was officially announced in State of the Sanderson 2017.[12] In an AMA leading up to the release of the first book, Brandon stated that the trilogy would likely become a four book series.[13]

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Skyward · Starsight · Cytonic


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