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Abilities Flight
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Skyeels are a flying creature on Roshar, typically found in coastal regions. Adult skyeels are typically 4-5 feet long, but are known to grow as long as 7 feet.[1]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

They look similar to the moray eels found on Earth, but have an extra pair of larger flowing fins along their sides with air pouches tucked under them that help the skyeel fly. These pouches deflate as the skyeel dives and are refilled as the skyeel extracts lighter-than-air gasses from its prey during the digestive process. Like moray eels, skyeels have a second set of jaws, known as pharyngeal jaws.[2]

When they fly, small arrow-headed luckspren often appear and dart around them and may be the reason skyeels can fly, as "mathematically" they should be heavier than they actually are.[3]

Skyeels have pale bellies so that they camouflage with the sky from below and dappled skin on their back that lets them blend in with the water they fly over from above.[2]


Skyeels are graceful as they undulate through the air, but somewhat awkward on land.[1]

Their diet consists of fish, small rodents (such as rats and minks) and crabs. When a skyeel spots prey, they go into a sharp dive and coil around it as they snatch it up. It can take an hour or two for a skyeel to refill its gas pouches after diving. During this time, they usually find somewhere to hide.[2] Skyeels are known to fight over their prey.[4]

Skyeels nest and watch carefully over their young,[5] and they have a reputation for being vicious and repellant.[4][6]

Cultural References[edit]

Sebarial's banner has its glyphs stylized to look like a skyeel.[7]

The crow's nest of a ship is referred to as the eel's nest.[8]


Hundreds of arrows split the sky, dimming the sun. They arced and fell, dropping like skyeels upon their prey.


...Szeth moved among them, graceful as a skyeel,...


Jasnah's words fought in her mind, like skyeels with only one rat between them.


...watching over her like nesting skyeels with a single pup.


Nearby, Wyndle grew up around one of the bedposts, coiled like a skyeel.


In the strange manner of Shardplate, the armor constricted on its own, like a skyeel curling around its rat, pulling to a comfortable tightness around his wrists.


[Re-Shephir] remembered men—an innate understanding, much as newborn mink kits innately knew to fear the skyeel.


Help how? Summon Shardblades and swing them wildly in the air, like a farmer chasing skyeels?



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