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The skaa rebellion is the name given to the last insurrection of the skaa of the Final Empire on Scadrial.


Prior to the events of Mistborn: The Final Empire, Kelsier's brother Marsh led the rebellion.

The Final Empire

The rebellion during Mistborn: The Final Empire was led by a skaa man named Yeden. Kelsier's crew was hired by the rebellion to overthrow the Final Empire[1] and the crew played a vital role in the formation and running of the rebellion's armies.

  • Breeze led a team of Soothers and Rioters to help recruit soldiers from the skaa workers.[2]
  • Ham, who had previous military experience, was in charge of training the new recruits and was the military commander of the rebellion until Yeden replaced him. [3][citation needed]

The rebellion's army were hidden and trained in the Arguois caverns, near the Pits of Hathsin and the Homeland of the kandra.

Once Yeden replaced Ham, he led the rebellion prematurely against the empire's garrison at the city of Holstep. As they were returning from their victory there, the garrison from Valtroux City caught up with them and ambushed the skaa soldiers, slaughtering everyone.

Demoux and a small group of about 2,000 soldiers stayed behind in the caves because they thought Yeden was "acting rashly". Even though this effectively removed the rebellion from Kelsier's plan, they were eventually smuggled into Luthadel to help overthrow the Luthadel Garrison.[4]

After the Final Empire

After the death of the Lord Ruler, Elend Venture became king of Luthadel and the Central Dominance. The veterans of the rebellion formed the backbone of Elend's army during the Siege of Luthadel in Well of Ascension and the events in Hero of Ages, culminating in the Battle of Hathsin.[5]


Skaa rebellion
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