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Type Fruit
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Simberry is a type of fruit that grows on Roshar.[1] It has clear flesh and a rind that is presumably red in color.[2][1]

Simberries can be made into a red jam. According to Palates of Personality, a liking for this jam indicates a spontaneous and impulsive nature as well as a love for the outdoors.[1]

It can also be fermented into a sweet fruit wine. Unlike other fruit wines, simberry wine can be clear in color if the rinds are carefully removed.[2]


Kabsal brought Shallan some simberry jam when she was studying at the Palanaeum in Kharbranth. The jam was ostensibly a gift for Jasnah, but Kabsal knew that jam was one of Shallan's favorite foods.[1]

When Shallan infiltrated the Sons of Honor, Ialai Sadeas offered her some simberry wine of an Alethi vintage from her collection. Shallan had not tried it before.[2]


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