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Nation Jah Keved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Silnasen is a city on Roshar. It is located at the foot of a mountain range in southern Jah Keved, near Triax and Bavland.[1]


Silnasen has an indigenous population that is distinct from the other Veden.[2]

According to Natata Ved, ancient Silnasen was ruled by a king named NanKhet. NanKhet took over the throne after his brother, King NanHar, died while campaigning with his army in modern-day Triax. NanKhet survived six assassination attempts from his own family members in three months. Weary of defending his life, he executed hundreds of people at a feast, then choked to death when no one was left to help him.[3] The Siln dynasty was founded after his death.[3]

At some points in its history, Silnasen has been governed as an independent city-state.[4] Their monarchs have generally declined to claim the first dahn in order to avoid provoking the Veden and Alethi.[4]


In the present day, the Siln are thought of as a less modernized society than the rest of Jah Keved. Shallan Davar compares the Siln to other indigenous people in Iri and the Reshi Isles. Their disputes tend to result in posturing rather than actual combat because they live a lifestyle in which hunting skill is too valuable to risk in battle. They are not known to commit assassinations.[2]

At least some of the Siln people follow Vorinism; a Siln ardent named Urv studies at the Jokasha Monastery.[5]


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