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Relatives Meridas Amaram[1]
Profession Military commander
Groups Amaram's army
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Brightlord Sheler is a commander in Meridas Amaram's army from Alethkar on Roshar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is a lighteyes of the fifth dahn.[1] He is very arrogant and self-righteous, even as a prisoner.[1]


In 1168,[3] Sheler commands a company fighting for Sadeas princedom in Amaram's army during a battle with Hallaw's forces.[2] One of his squadleaders, Varth, sacrifices several messenger boys as a distraction, including Tien.[2]

Sheler later moves to the border to fight the Herdazians, and he learns their language over time.[1] Using the invasion of his homeland as an excuse, he robs and murders Herdazian civilians, and abuses their women.[1] He is taken captive by a Herdazian general and demands the "right of ransom", but the general tells him that he forfeited that right by committing war crimes.[1] Instead, Sheler is given three options for punishment: beheading by the women that he abused, being tortured with a hammer and hung from a cliff with no protection from the highstorm, or wrestling "the hog".[1] He chooses to fight the hog, assuming it is a pig, and begins to formulate plans to seek vengeance on the Herdazians for humiliating him.[1] He is doused in a foul-smelling oil and left shackled on the beach as the Herdazians use a horn to summon the hog, which is actually a huge sea creature with enormous claws.[1] Sheler sees the creature break the surface of the ocean while the Herdazians place wagers on how long he will survive; his ultimate fate is unknown.[1]


You must contact my highprince and accept payment based on my rank!

— Sheler to the Herdazian general when trying to avoid punishment.[1]


  • Sheler's company uses a black glyphpair with shesh and lerel.[2]
  • Sheler states that he is cousin to the highlord, presumably referring to Meridas Amaram.[1]
  • The description of the hog is similar to that of large greatshells such as the yu-nerig.[1]


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