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Spouse Sindria
World Alornia
Universe Wode States
Featured In Perfect State

The old way? Like...on a horse? I miss that.

—Shale to Kairominas[1]

Shale is a Machineborn knight living in Alornia, and best friend of Emperor Kairominas. He is happily married to Sindria, and has five children.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Shale's appearance and personality are heavily influenced by his Concept, the dashing knight on horseback. As such, he often wears full plate armor, even while lounging, and loves action and adventure. He's grown bored during the 50 years of peace that the State's unification brought, and prefers doing things "the old way," such as traveling on horseback rather than using Kai's flying platforms. Shale also enjoys joking around, often participating in banter with Kai or Besk.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Having served as Kai's bodyguard for many years and going on many adventures, Shale is a very experienced swordsman. Though his skills are never truly shown, his past accomplishments speak to his level of expertise.


Before Unification[edit]

Shale has been friends with Kai for a very long time. He journeyed with the Liveborn even before Kai became Emperor. Some of the adventures they went on included fighting barbarians, searching for hidden treasures and secrets, and even slaying dragons. During this time Shale and Kai grew very close, and when they discovered a draught of immortality, Shale was one of the few who Kai shared it with. Shale even had to carry Kai fifty miles through the desert once, after the two got stuck within the Tendrils of Sashim.[1] It is implied that Shale blames himself for the death of Molly, Kai's wife, who died forty years before unification.[2]

After Unification[edit]

Shale has stayed by Kai's side, acting as a personal guard whenever Kai leaves his castle. He also chose to settle down, getting married and having five children.[1] Shale accompanied Kai to investigate the first Border State that appeared. He aided Besk in trying to convince Kai to conquer the State, as he felt the hardy natives would make good subjects, and the metal with which they fought could replace the enchanted swords currently in use.[3]


Sure, sure. I had quite the collection of hands. Couple of arms, the occaisional foot...

—Shale to Kai, discussing the winning of hands of fair maidens[1]

Yawn. Whatever happened to the big quests, Kai? Hunting dragons, searching out magical swords? All you do these days is study magic and duel with Liveborn from other States.

—Shale to Kai[1]

Well, best to stay vigilant. It's when everything is calm that you need to be most alert.

—Shale to Kai[1]


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