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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Desolations had happened during the near-mythical shadowdays, before real history began.

Dalinar's thoughts on the Desolations[1]

The shadowdays refers to history before recorded memory on Roshar.[2]

Definition and Usage[edit]

There are histories from the time when the Radiants lived. That’s not as far back as the shadowdays or the Heraldic Epochs.

Renarin talking about history[3]

The exact definition of when the shadowdays ended seems uncertain and differs between people. The majority of people seem to accept them as including the era of the Silver Kingdoms and the height of the Knights Radiant and ending after the Last Desolation, although it is possible some consider them to extend past that point.[1][4] Renarin states that there was a time after the shadowdays when the Knights Radiant still existed.[3] However, Dalinar comments that the Recreance is old enough to nearly be part of the shadowdays.[5]

Legends. The Recreance is an event so old, it might as well be in the shadowdays.

Dalinar speaking of the Recreance[5]

Based on these comments, it is likely the shadowdays are generally considered to have ended sometime between the Last Desolation and the Recreance.

Art and Literature[edit]

There are very few surviving pieces of artwork or writing from this time, leading to the lack of knowledge about them. Much of the knowledge of that time comes from fragments, such as a copy of a copy of a mosaic.[6] The Way of Kings--which survives only in translation--is the only complete text from the shadowdays prior to the translation of the Dawnchant, but lost texts like the Eila Stele were rediscovered along with the Dawnchant's translation.[7][8] The carved pillars in the Kholinar Palace's eastern hall is art surviving from this time.[9]

Powers and Weapons[edit]

Some of the hallmarks of the shadowdays are mythical weapons and powers. The Honorblades were forged by Honor and used by the Heralds in fighting Voidbringers.[10] The true nature of the abilities of the Knights Radiant during this time, including Surgebinding and glowing Shardplate,[11] are also mythical to most Rosharans.[5]

Notable People[edit]

Notable people who are believed to have lived during the shadowdays include Derethil, a king,[2] and Nohadon, the writer of The Way of Kings.[7]

Raboniel also lived during those days, and she is able to recount to Navani what her grandmother told her after seeing the humans first arriving on Roshar from Ashyn.[12]


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