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Abilities granting Rithmatic powers
Magic Rithmatics
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

The chaining of a Shadowblaze, fourth entity removed, is an often indeterminable process, and the bindagent should consider wisely the situation before making any decision regarding the vessels to be indentured.

—Origins of Power[1]

A Shadowblaze is a chalk creature that, when bound to a human, bestows Rithmatic powers upon said human. They appear to those who become Rithmatists during their inception. Joel for some reason saw a Shadowblaze, but did not become a Rithmatist.[1] Unlike chalklings, Shadowblazes do not need to be affixed to a two-dimensional surface. They have the appearance of primitive cave drawings, and are roughly man-shaped.[2]

Discussion of the Shadowblazes' role in the inception ceremony is strictly taboo with non-Rithmatists.[1]


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