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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Shadesmar is a Rosharan word for the Cognitive Realm.[1] The word Shadesmar is sometimes used in non-Rosharan contexts when referring to that Realm.[2][3]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

... a place with a black sky and a strange, small white sun that hung on the horizon ... Flames hovered nearby ... Like the tips of candles floating in the air and moving with the wind ... An endless dark sea, except it wasn't wet. It was made of the small beads, an entire ocean of tiny glass spheres

Geographically, Roshar in the Cognitive Realm appears like an inversion of the continent in the Physical Realm, with its inland seas corresponding exactly to the shape of the land of Roshar. The "seas" are made of tiny dark glass beads that represent objects that exist in the Physical Realm. These beads are bean-sized, or slightly larger than a fingernail.[5] There are spren that look like "little green and orange people, only a few inches tall" climbing around the spheres.[6] When asked if this is the general rule, Sanderson said "there are places in Shadesmar that are different, and some are the same."[7]

Living things manifest on Roshar's Cognitive Realm as flames. If the person is strongly influenced by Odium (and presumably certain other Shards), the flame turns red.[8] A flame vanishes when the person represented by it dies.

She stepped up beside the bead statue, noting for the first time the strange clouds overhead. They seemed to form a narrow ribbon of highway, straight and long, pointing toward the horizon.

Jasnah Kholin's first visit to Shadesmar[9]

The sky on Roshar's Shadesmar is black, with strange cloud formations and a small, cold sun. The land, which corresponds to bodies of water on the Physical Realm, appear to be made of obsidian. Trees made of crystal grow on this land.[10] Shadesmar has "weather" as described by the spren, but rather than meteorological phenomena, it changes the features of the land and creates different effects on the its spren inhabitants. For example, a "crystalline" day will exhibit a faint shimmer of violet-pink haze in the air, and plants will grow so rapidly that the growth is visible. On other days, spren may become more energetic or lively, or more dreary and downcast. Shadesmar does not exhibit changes in temperature or precipitation. [11]

Land masses appear as lakes or oceans of glass beads. The beads represent "souls of objects." [6]

The Shadesmar Map[edit]

The map of Shadesmar labels several areas in the Cognitive Realm, including regions called "Expanses" that are outside of Roshar. If you walk far enough (likely for days) in the direction of one of those Expanses, you can arrive on another world.[12] The areas labeled are as follows:


Main article: Spren

Spren are Splinters that reside mainly in the Cognitive Realm of Roshar. Each spren represents an idea or concept, and are described as ideas that gained life.

There is great variety among spren, both in appearance and in cognitive levels. Some spren are intelligent enough to build their own civilizations and live on cities in Shadesmar, while others are more like animals.[15] Most of these spren appear and behave differently when they transition to the Physical Realm.

Access and Use[edit]

The ardents in Roshar are aware of Shadesmar[16], and have used fabrials that allow them to Soulcast objects through it. There are also people whose bond with certain types of spren grants them access to Shadesmar. One type of such a spren, called a Cryptic, is described by Shallan as

a figure with a sharp, angular symbol hovering above its collar instead of a head

For a member of the Order of Lightweavers to be granted entrance to Shadesmar, the person must have spoken enough truths about themselves to their bonded Cryptic. In Shallan's case, the Cryptic she calls Pattern no longer required truths for her to enter Shadesmar[10] after she confessed her darkest secret.[17] Pattern helps Shallan Soulcast by acting as a translator between her and the objects represented by the glass beads.

Another type of spren that give access to Shadesmar are Inkspren. They bond to Elsecallers and follow the same structure of Oaths as the orders besides Lightweavers. However, their access to Shadesmar seems to come primarily through the manipulation of the surge of Transportation, which they share with the Order of Willshapers, who are able to look into Shadesmar as an image overlaid onto the Physical Realm, aiding the user in checking their surroundings for living beings.[18]

Both Orders can use the glass beads in Shadesmar to form various structures that can be used there. For example, Jasnah can create a raft out of Shadesmar beads that she could stand safely on.[17] While trapped in Shadesmar, Shallan uses this ability on several occasions. While attempting to use the Thaylen City Oathgate, she makes a wall physically appear there, rather than just being made of beads. This is called manifesting, and is described as being dangerous by Captain Notum.

Azure, Shallan, and Kaladin all get impressions from the beads they pick up while in Shadesmar, so it should be reasonable to say that any Invested person can manifest objects there. Adolin, not being an Invested person, gets only the vaguest impressions of the objects the beads represent.

Ingesting the beads and then moving to the Physical Realm would not be good for a person.[19]

Stormlight (or an alternative source of Investiture) is needed[17] in order to control objects in Shadesmar, as well as for Soulcasting. Traveling there without sufficient Stormlight is considered to be perilous.

When Shallan tries to use the corrupted Oathgate in Kholinar it transports all those in the control room to Shadesmar.[20] Azure tells them that the way to get out is to go to where the Horneater Peaks are in the Physical Realm and use Cultivation's Perpendicularity.[21]


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