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Seran New District Cemetery
Owner Templeton Fig
City New Seran
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Bands of Mourning

The Seran New District Cemetery is a cemetery in New Seran on Scadrial. The city pays the cemetery to take care of unidentified bodies, and it also has the highest frequency of grave robbing among cemeteries in the city.[1] It is run by Templeton Fig.[2]

The cemetery's entrance gates are topped with a statue of the Survivor. Within is a small caretaker's building with a thatched roof and statues of mistwraiths in its yard.[1] More mistwraith statues are scattered throughout the graveyard, and there is also a statue of the Ascendant Warrior placed in the paupers' section.[1][3]


When ReLuur visited New Seran, an explosion in the city hit him, blowing off a chunk of his body which included one of his spikes.[4] This spike was mixed with the corpses of the people killed in the explosion, which were subsequently buried in a mass grave in the Seran New District Cemetery. Templeton Fig later retrieved the spike from the grave on the orders of the Set.[2]

Later, Wayne and Marasi came to the cemetery looking for the spike and were ambushed by hired killers. After the attack, in which the gravekeeper Dechamp was killed, a police Allomancer searched for metal in the grave and found none. Wayne and Marasi went back to the gravekeeper's shack and found evidence in a hidden ledger that Templeton knew about the spike and had done something with it.[5]


Templeton Fig
Gravekeeper on the day shift[1]
Gravekeeper on the night shift[1]


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