Seran New District Cemetery

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Seran New District Cemetery
Owner Templeton Fig
City New Seran
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Bands of Mourning

The Seran New District Cemetery is the cemetery with the highest frequency of grave robbing in the city of New Seran.[1] It is run by Templeton Fig.[2]

The cemetery's gates are topped with a statue of the Survivor. There is also a statue of the Ascendant Warrior placed at the paupers' section of the graveyard.

There are two known gravekeepers employed at the cemetery. Dechamp runs the night shift while Bilmy runs the day shift.

When ReLuur visits New Seran, an explosion in the city hits him, blowing a chunk of his body off, including one of his spikes.[3] This spike is mixed with the corpses of the people killed in the explosion, which are subsequently buried in the Seran New District Cemetery. Templeton Fig later retrieves the spike upon orders of the Set.


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