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The Scribbler is the main antagonist of The Rithmatist. Throughout the story, he accosts multiple Armedius Rithmatic students, turning them into wild chalklings under his control.[1][2][3][4] He is a Forgotten.

The aftermath of one of the Scribbler' attacks


The Scribbler begins each time by drawing a Line of Silence outside of the room in which his target resides. This has the effect of preventing calls for help.[5]

He then summons his army of wild chalklings, which begin to crawl toward the Rithmatist. He will also use these chalklings to kill any witnesses.[3] Due to the fact that they were not created with Lines of Making, they are able to reform even if hit with Lines of Vigor, ensuring that they will be able to get through any Lines of Warding or Forbiddance that impede them.

Once the chalklings reach the target, they will crawl up the person's legs, drawing a small amount of blood, and consume them, leaving them as a new wild chalkling.[4]

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