Sazed's rings

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Sazed's rings
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Sazed's Rings are a set of ten small Feruchemical metalminds utilised by Sazed.

The ten were put into use in preparation for and during the Battle of Luthadel, where Sazed took an instrumental role in the capital's defense. Not much charge was contained, as he was forced to fill as much as he could in only a few days before the battle.[1] Although they did not see any use in Sazed's fight against the koloss[2], the rings were what allowed him to incapacitate Marsh after the Steel Inquisitor assaulted him, saving Sazed's life as a result.[3]

The rings survived Sazed's ascension to Harmony after the Battle of Hathsin, and may play a role in later books.[4]

Four were tin, (sight, hearing, scent, and touch) and the other six were pewter, gold, zinc, steel, bronze, and iron.[3]


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