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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Sarpenthyn are a family of animals on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Sarpenthyn resemble slimy lumps of flesh with two bulbous eyes and four long tentacles. Their bodies are similar in appearance to the bodies of haspers, a clam-like mollusk, but sarpenthyn do not have shells. Although sarpenthyn appear to be invertebrates, they are warm-blooded. Different species vary in size, likely depending on their habitat. If threatened, sarpenthyn are able to inflate their bodies and raise their tentacles above their heads to try and scare off enemies.[1]


Sarpenthyn are generally found in central or western Roshar. Although they are able to squish their bodies into cracks to shelter from highstorms, this strategy is presumably ineffective in the east where the storms are stronger. They are rare enough in Alethkar and the Shattered Plains that Adolin Kholin has never seen one before. Smaller species can be found in Jah Keved, with larger examples found in Marabethia. Their slimy appearance implies that they live in moist areas, possibly caves.[1]


Shallan, Adolin, and Kaladin saw an example of a Marabethian specimen in a menagerie in the warcamps. It was kept in a cage styled to look like a cave. Shallan was fascinated by its size compared to Veden examples. She touched it to confirm that it was warm-blooded, causing it to react defensively. She was unfamiliar with the larger species, and planned to sketch it. Adolin, who found the creature disgusting, was horrified. A plaque on the cage gave the animal's nickname as the "Devil Rock" and noted a Marabethian superstition that sarpenthyn were the result of murdered children being resurrected.[1]

Devil Rock captured in Marabethia. The locals claim it is the reborn vengeful spirit of a child who was murdered.

—A plaque on a sarpenthyn cage[1]

While traveling as the highstorm to investigate the status of Urithiru, Dalinar Kholin saw a group of creatures that look like sarpenthyn squeezing through holes in the underbrush to hide from the highstorm somewhere in Triax or Tu Fallia. He did not recognize them, however, and when he tried to take time to look at one in detail the Stormfather told him that they had to keep moving.[2]


  • The singular form of "sarpenthyn" is not known.


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