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Salinor Eved

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Salinor Eved
Abilities Shardbearer (formerly)
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Brightlord Salinor Eved is a Shardbearer from the princedom of Thanadal.[1]


Adolin and his father, Dalinar, hope to embarrass Torol Sadeas and the others in his faction by gaining all of their Shards.[2] Adolin's friend, Jakamav suggests Salinor as a target, due to his boasting about his skill.[3] In order to get Salinar to agree to the duel, Adolin has to wager both his Blade and his Plate for Salinor's Blade alone, an insult.[1]

When Adolin and Salinor fight in their duel, Salinor borrows a set of the King's Plate.[1] Adolin abandons his traditional Windstance to fight in Ironstance in a brutal display of strength and skill. While Adolin breaks tradition in his conduct during the duel, he does not violate any rules, so Highlady Istow is forced to award the victory to Adolin. Salinor initially refuses to give up his Blade, but after Adolin threatens him, he breaks the bond and gives it to Adolin. Adolin bestows the Blade upon his brother, Renarin Kholin, so that he could have a complete set of Shards.

Attributes and Abilities

Salinor is a duelist who fights in Flamestance.[1] He only has a Shardblade, no Shardplate. While Salinor is skilled, he often boasted that he was a better duelist than the rankings showed.[3]


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