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Profession DDF pilots
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)
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Maybe soon I’ll be able to be like you, Spin!

—Sadie admiring Spensa[1]

Sadie (callsign: Sentry)[2] is a member of the DDF and in Skyward Flight.[3] She is not one of the flight's original members and instead joined the group after its pilots had graduated.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Down with you, vile…space dwelling…ships of…vileness! May you all die painful, fiery deaths!

—Sadie trying to act like Spensa[2]

Sadie is likely of Yeongian ethnicity, and a descendant of the Chinese and Korean crew that made up the Yeong-Gwang. She has blue hair and features reminiscent of Bim.[1]

She looks younger than her age and is clumsy.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Sadie is new to flying and not entirely familiar with the controls of starfighters.[3] Despite this, she is skilled enough to be placed in a specialized team of full pilots. She has experience flying in both the atmosphere and a vacuum[3] and flies either a largo, sniper, or interceptor.[4]


Sadie joined flight school the cycle after Skyward Flight. She was placed into Skyward Flight at some point after the Battle of Alta Second.[3]

Sadie was paired with Spensa during an encounter with the Krell, six months after the Battle of Alta Second. During the battle, Sadie was deliberately left behind by Spensa when the Krell attacked the other woman.[3] After returning to base, Sadie spoke briefly with Kimmalyn and Spensa, complimenting and admiring Spensa's flying. When Jorgen arrived, she departed for the mess hall.[1]



I wish I could have followed you today, Spin. It looked dangerous for you to be alone.

—Sadie talking to Spensa after a Krell encounter[1]

Sadie looks up to Spensa and admires her flying skills. She sees Spensa as a role model and someone to aspire to. Spensa finds it difficult to imagine she that and Sadie are around the same age, and finds the other girl to appear younger. Sadie's features remind Spensa of Bim, whose death still causes her pain.[1]


You did wonderfully, dear. But never try to be who you aren’t; you don’t have nearly enough practice to pull it off.

Kimmalyn giving Sadie a backhanded compliment, disguised as a quote by the Saint[1]

Sadie admires Kimmalyn and has a habit of recording her fake Saint quotes, not knowing that they aren't real. Kimmalyn enjoys the attention and likely is highly pleased by someone recording her sayings.[1]


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