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Groups Enforcement
Residence Newcago
Homeworld Earth (Reckoners)

Roy is a member of Enforcement and an acquaintance of David Charleston.[1]

Roy is one year older than David and was raised in the Havendark Factory alongside him. The Factory's manager, Martha, assigned Roy the role of "adjunct", which required him to help supervise the younger children and deal with conflicts and bullying. David respected him for performing this role.[1]

After graduating from the Factory, Roy joined Enforcement. He and Refractionary were part of the Enforcement Core that searched David's apartment when he became a suspect in the assassination of Fortuity. When David returned to his apartment and was accosted by Enforcement, Roy believed that David was innocent and tried to persuade his commander to let him go. When the Reckoners engaged the Enforcement Core in combat and killed several of them, David spared Roy and told him that he was part of a conspiracy led by an Epic called Limelight, thus throwing Enforcement off of the Reckoners' trail.[1][2]

After Steelheart was killed, Roy continued to serve as an Enforcement officer, helping to maintain order in the liberated Newcago. He and David remained on good terms.[3][4]


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